About us

Welcome to our about us page.Here you may learn more about the business, business model and owner. Its always good to learn about potential business partners, so if your looking for information you've com to the right place. If your looking to browse products then click me.

What is it & What doens it mean?

Who & What?

A WebKonstructor is a web design company who creates many different types of websites using their wide array of skills. WebKonstructor originates with the internet, creating and the incorporation of the founders name.The "web" represents the internet and digital devices that naviagte it. The Konstructor comes from to construct or build. However the K replaces the C in constrction being that the owners name begins with "K".

What product/ service do we offer?

Services & Product

There are many services that go into providing a good website. These services lay the groundwork for providing a good web experience for customers. The services we provide include web design, Seo, Adobe Photoshop images, logo creation and more! This is practically a one stop shop for web design and the creative flair that comes with it.

What Does this business have to offer?


This business specializes in the creation of prebuilt Shopify stores.Shopify is a platform that has many different features that are very useful for running online e-commerce stores. These features allow the user to monitor sales, analytics, customer behaviors during their site visits and more.There are applications that can be connected with Shopify that streamlines orders for products or services. Ad-sets can be monitored to see customer outreach and advertisement campaigns. Though this app discounts, finances, products and orders can all be monitored. The website that you or your business own can also be shut down or opened at the click of a button though a Shopify app that is ran by you. 

Why even bother with e-commerce and having a site?

Worth it?

During covid many sites moved to online storefronts for a multitude of reasons. This decreased overhead cost for business considering their location became an internet address. Without having to spend as much money on a location this keeps a large amount of money in a business owners pocket. Next, online shops became more and more popular with people moving their purchases to online. With all of these potential customers online this will increase the amount of customers that can be accessed considering the internet reaches the entire globe. With access to all of these customers this means one thing. Once said company creates promotions reaching out directly to customers will be alarmingly easy. This means less money spent, increased customers and increased sales.

Who are our typical customers?

Customer base?

WebKonstuctor is a company that likes to create relationships. We want to have small businesses as customers because we want to give them the edge over competition and large corporations. This service we provide benefits our company and the common man. However we are not limited to just businesses. We can also create personal websites and or landing pages to give people certain online presence they'll need for whatever reason they see fit.

Who created it?


WebKonstructor was designed by Kenneth J White III.This person is a 20 year old web designer who began creating sites as a side hustle. This side hustle began because of him seeing his mother build sites making this a generational service.The passion for creating sites grew the more that was learned creating an idea that'll bring this hobby into a fully fledged business. With multiple sites created, and him being proficient in many skills this is the person who can take people to the next level. These skills include: Web design, proficiency in HTML & CSS, Photoshop, video creation, and last but not least SEO.